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The success of our customers is paramount. With over 20 years of experience in the financial markets, a uniquely exclusive training approach and a success rate of over 95%, we can confidently say that we can develop you into a successful trader.

We offer private customers first-class trading courses designed to develop participants into independent and profitable traders.

We offer tailor-made solutions for ​in-house training and further education for institutional and corporate customers.

LTP Trading courses - Your success starts now

Immerse yourself in the world of trading and be inspired by our expertise. Our trading courses have been developed based on 20 years of experience in the financial markets and are constantly adapted to the evolving markets. The focus is always on the progress and success of each course participant.

Our exclusive selection process and professional approach to the subject allows us to handpick only the top-class participants.

We train both beginners and advanced traders in our trading courses and have a success rate of over 95%.

What sets Line Trading Pilots apart

What is the best way to measure success in the financial markets? Performance. This is precisely why we, as premium trading educators, offer outstanding trading courses and mentorship programs with over 20 years of experience in the financial markets. Our lecturers and mentors have relevant credentials as investment bankers, stock traders and financial analysts for well-known international investment banks and hedge funds. We offer our customers innovative and transparent solutions and always put the success of our participants first. Our quality claim is to give our customers an edge over the market and ultimately develop them into entirely independent and profitable traders.

Excellent trading education in the UK, Europe and the world

Line Trading Pilots (LTP), headquartered in London, United Kingdom, offers its customers the highest quality Premium Trading courses in the areas of stocks, indices, FOREX and cryptocurrencies. Our services are the result of 20 years of experience in the financial markets, as well as continuous training and successful cooperation in education and training.

Most of our customers are based in Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Austria, the United States and Switzerland. Our goal is to develop our customers into independent and profitable market participants by providing high-quality information such as our Premium Trading Courses. To offer a consistently high-quality service, we continuously educate ourselves and work exclusively with experienced experts who have at least five years of experience in the financial markets. The successes of our participants speak for themselves.

Female trader scholarships

With our Female Trader Scholarship Initiative, we want to encourage more women to enter the male-dominated trading world.

Only 1 in 7 traders is female, although the number of retail traders is growing steadily. With our initiative, we want to level the playing field and introduce more women to the world of trading.

For this reason, all women who register for our trading course receive a 30% discount on the course fee.

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