Boeing – Expect a Pullback From Current Price Niveau

After failing at the resistance level of $230 the Boeing share price plummeted below $205, triggering further sell signals and ultimately found support at $185. Brave buyers saw their chance at these lows and pushed price back up over $210, where some profits were taken.

The current situation suggests that there is still potential to the upside, however buyers are probably waiting for lower prices.

We are expecting Boeing to retrace back into the support area at around $198, which offers a great entry level for technical traders. Should price break the support level it could trigger further sell signals – and ultimately lead to a re-test of recent lows.


The above only reflects the opinion of the author and must not be understood as financial advise. This article shall only serve as a source of information.

Chart Analysis: Lufthansa Is Facing Resistance

Every trader knows that the higher the risk, the higher the potential gain – in case of Lufthansa it would have paid off if you would have taken the risk and scooped up some shares at the low beginning of December. Such risky investments are not for the fainthearted though and require a sophisticated approach to be successful.

If you have followed us for a while or even taken our trading courses you will know that we follow a very calculated approach when it comes to trading. We only engage if all items on our checklists are ticked – which keeps us out of trouble most times to be fair but also prevents potential (risky) gains as we have seen with Lufthansa.

That being said, the stock is still very interesting and not done just yet. We are approaching a technical level of resistance where buyers may lock in some profits and therefore stop the momentum we have built so far.

The screenshot above shows the two potential routes price may take in the next few days. From a technical analysis point of view we are facing resistance. That doesn’t mean that we won’t have the chance to break free and climb to new highs but the more likely scenario – looking at the current picture – is that price will retrace first before buyers may initiate another push to the upside.

The bottom line is we will probably see price ranging for a while before new impulses – whether it be up or down – are initiated

With our students and trading lounge members we will keep a very close eye on the price movements of the Lufthansa stock and take action accordingly.

Chart Analysis: Gold to Continue Recovery

A wise man once said “He who has the gold makes the rules”. With fundamentally uncertain factors such as the new Omicron variant and rising inflation rates, a surging Gold price should be anticipated, with investors looking to hedge their portfolios against a potentially nervous market.

Our Trading Idea in The Short-Term

As active traders we are seeking to take advantage of the situation.

Looking at the chart above, it is quickly determined that price seems to have found a bottom (blue box). From here we can look for potential setups to place our trade.

The favourable scenario would be for the price to break above the most recent intermediate highs (dashed line) and continue to our minimum target of $1845.61.

The alternative scenario sees the price to stall at $1813.69, once again – if so we would have to re-asses and determine whether we are dealing with a well respected resistance front or a potential fake move, which would see price initially bounce off the resistance level but then eventually break above the highs and continue to our target.

With all that in mind we will wait for a setup to develop according to our strategies and take action accordingly.


The above only reflects the opinion of the author and must not be understood as financial advise. This article shall only serve as a source of information.